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About Our Creative Heads

Not just another digital marketing agency, but a creative agency which means our full spectrum of services lets us communicate with people in both conventional and unconventional ways so that we have no constraints to what we can accomplish. An approach, encompassing everything from creative thinking to strong research skills.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Creative Thinking to Strong Research Skills. 

Creativity is the key driver behind everything that we do. Branding, business growth, lead generation, web development, social media, optimization just about anything has to be done with a creative approach to ensure we give a unique strategy and solution to our client. But creating is just one-half of what drives our team. Moving ideas from concept to the consumer is just as important. There are no limitations. We treat all of our work as a unique exercise. Challenges become opportunities for us and we express our creativity and make sure our clients are getting the best results possible in their marketing efforts.

We believe in our power of creativity.

Our Awesome Team

Preet Dhingra

Preet Dhingra


A creative and logical thinker, risk-taker, team player and has a proven track record of influencing all levels of an organization with goals in mind. His expertise enables and ensures the best of planning, implementing, and managing the overall digital marketing strategy to succeed through an in-depth understanding of how business works. He seamlessly creates a smooth client experience through his analytical thinking and brainstorming sessions while keeping in mind what is factually doable in the real world versus just saying it can be done with future technologies.

Archana Dhingra

Archana Dhingra

Creative Director

She has a natural eye for design and a drive to inspire dynamic ideas that connect with all types of audiences. With a strong bent towards creative ideas and strategies, she leads a team of designers, copywriters, digital marketers. She guides the marketing and promotional efforts that bring client products and services to market. She inspires and brainstorms fresh ideas, manages deliverables, and captivates the target market. She understands what the client wants and knows how to deliver the same. Strong analysis of market trends, consumer needs, and the competitive landscape is her core strength.



Content Strategist

She is a talented content strategist who guides our digital team through various stages of development, from the conception to the completion of a project. She ensures businesses achieve their goals and objectives by developing high-quality brands that communicate in powerful ways. She is skilled at successfully creating an excellent creative representation in which she never fails to impress with her use of innovative technology and business strategy.

Digital Marketing Core

Our Values

We believe the core values that define who we are and how we work together with our clients will continue to evolve as technology and the market change, but they will always remain a part of what makes us what we are


Our team of digital marketing experts is constantly on the search for ways to improve your business’s ROI. We research certified best practices in digital marketing daily so that you no longer have to worry about any issues when it comes to your website or Internet marketing strategy. We are very passionate about every brand we work for and put in our best to give them a stellar image.


Our objective is to drive excellent results out of everything we do for our clients. We are known for our strategic planning, creative execution, detailed analytics, & exceptional campaign management. We are passionate about what we do – the results speak for themselves.


Curiosity drives great things in life. In marketing, it helps us to discover new opportunities, learn from other people’s experiences and bring a fresh outlook to any situation we may be faced with. We consider being curious the key ingredient when looking to improve what you have to offer in your services. If you’re genuinely curious about the latest marketing trends, best practices, and how others in the industry integrate them into their work – then look no further because you’ve found a loyal resource in us!

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